Zurich Bog is a unique wetland preserve of more than 650 acres located in the town of Arcadia and home to several threatened and endangered species. Owned by the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society, who acquired the property in 1957, Zurich Bog was declared a National Natural Historic Landmark in 1973 by the National Park Service – the only site in Wayne County with this designation.

The BSPS was founded in 1935 to preserve, protect and provide educational opportunities on wetland habitats that they own. BSPS currently manages several other properties including Bergen Swamp in Bergen, NY, Taylor Marsh in Honeoye, NY, Hotchkiss Preserve in Lyons, NY, and Slater Preserve in Dansville, NY.

Although private property, Zurich Bog is available to the public via a hiking trail. The trail head is located on Arcadia Zurich Norris Rd. just north of the railroad tracks. BSPS asks that you stay on the trail and follow the rules and regulations posted. BSPS also asks that you get permission for large groups.

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